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American Express Pay Stub

American Express offers for full-time employees with direct deposit to view Pay Stubs on the paperless pay web. So if you are full time employee with direct deposit, you can use TALX paperless pay portal to view and print your pay stub from a computer that is outside the office, such as your home computer. Paperless pay is also committed to ensuring that your information is kept confidential. You must have employee ID and a PIN number to access paperless pay portal. If you do not meet the requirements, you will not be able to view your pay stub from paperless pay. If you are new employee, you must wait until your first pay date has passed before you can register to use the paperless pay portal. A step-by-step guide for viewing your online Pay Stub is available below.

To access your pay stub via the online

There are few tasks that you need to do upon entering the system. At first, employees must be identifying paperless pay web portal for American Express and should do is type in the web address provided in Resource into your browser: It’s critical that the web address be typed in correctly or you will not be able to gain access to your stubs. (We recommend using our Resource suggested link, so that you don’t have to keep typing it in).

Once TALX paperless pay home page, you will be asked to enter your Employer code. Your employer (American Express) code for TALX paperless pay corporation is 10313.

Once you are at the paperless pay website for American Express, click on “Click Here to Login” in the center of the screen.

The LOG IN screen is the next screen to display when accessing the paperless pay online systems. Enter your employee ID number without leading zeros. This is asking of your 7 digit American Express PeopleSoft Employee ID. Click Continue.

Once entered your employee ID number, then you will be asked for your PIN NUMBER. Ask your employer for PIN number. If you are returning user, you have five attempts to key the correct PIN. If you forget your PIN number or need to reset call at 1-800-685-3729. Your PIN will default to the above if you have not logged in for six months.

During initial sign-in, you must complete risk based authentication and change your default password. So click on Enroll Now button in the Risk based authentication window to upgrade security and keep your information safe.

After selecting the Enroll Now link, a new page will open. This is six steps-
1. Remember this computer…. Would you like us to remember this computer? 1st steps will ask you to remember your computer for next time login, so if you would like remember you computer select “Yes” and click “Continue” button. Otherwise select No and continue.
2. Personal security image; in the next screen, you should setup a security image, you may use arrow button to change image. Click on Continue.
3. Security Questions; in the 3rd steps, you must select six security question from drop down list and provide answer you will remember then click Continue.
4. Contact Information Phone/Email; in the 4th steps, add your Phone and email address.
5. Review security selection; last steps will review all of steps security questions and your response. So ensure that you have answered all questions by enter continue button.
Once completed the risk based authentication enrollment process, the next window will prompted to change your initial PIN. So key your initial PIN at first and enter new PIN two times. It must be at least 8 digits, but no more than 16 digits, please create a string that is easy for you to remember.

Once complete the initial sign in process, you will see the main screen which is organized by tabs.

To print your current pay stub, select Print Pay Stub from the Main Menu. When your pay stub is displayed on the screen, there is a print icon at the top left hand corner of the pay stubs. If you are having trouble viewing your pay stubs, you may need to update adobe acrobat.

To view past pay stub, select the Pay History. Select the desired pay date using a drop-down box. To view your current pay information, select PayStub Details. If there is an incorrect amount paid to you then you must contact your manager or supervisor. If there is an amount missing from your pay stub or if you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to contact TALX paperless pay online client support center (click here).

You can request that a notice be sent to you automatically via email or text message each payday by sign up for quick Alert. The message will alert you that your pay stub is ready to review.

You can change your password periodically by going to the Personal Information or My Account tab on the Main Menu. Under the My Account screen, go to the “Security” section and then click “Change PIN”. PIN must be an 8 – 16 digit number only.

To access your pay stub via the phone
1. 1-800-685-3729
2. Login to your account; enter your Employee ID number and personal identification number PIN.
3. To review use following options-
Press “1” to your pay stub or request for a fax copy of your pay stub
Press “3” to check the status of a Fax request
Press “5” to change your PIN. Press # to repeat the menu
Press “*” to end call
Press “0” button to speak to a client service representative.

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